Depot Restoration

C4ISR Depot Restoration

Contract Value: $90.6 M
Period of Performance: 12/12/2017 – 12/11/2022
Controlling Customer: SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
Types of Orders: Various

This small business single award contract was awarded as a three-year base contract with two one-year options to provide worldwide depot-level technical support to NAVSUP, multiple other government agencies, and more than 125 Fleet and Shore customers. Task requirements include fabrication, manufacturing, re-manufacturing, restoration, repair, overhaul, and calibration support of shipboard, ground and airborne electro-mechanical and mechanical assemblies, subassemblies, and test equipment. The 40,000 sq. ft. ISO-9001:2015 Certified Depot is the Navy Designated Overhaul Point for 4,101 NSNs and supports 20,066 Performance Based Logistics-Organic (PBL-O) items.


Primary Support Services include:

  • Operate and maintain (jointly, with SPAWAR Systems Center, Pacific) a restoration depot and calibration laboratory
  • Provide depot-level technical support for shipboard and shore-based C4ISR equipment
  • Technical support services include:
    • Packing, shipping, receiving, pickup/delivery, and storage operations for a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse
    • A JNAC Certified Calibration Laboratory supporting Test, Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE), General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment (GPETE), and Special Purpose Electronic Test Equipment (SPETE)
    • Radio Frequency identification (RFID)/item unique identification (IUID) labelling
    • Paint shop services include metal preparation (dent repairs, sandblasting and SSPC SP 10 “Near White Metal Blast Cleaning”), corrosion prevention services, wet paint, powder coat, and silk screen/label applications
    • Anechoic chamber for antenna testing

Ancillary Support Services include:

  • Equipment removal, insertion, or re-insertion into existing infrastructures
  • Employing Technical Performance Standards (TPS) to perform verification check-out, testing, and repair of C4ISR equipment and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Developing new depot capabilities for restoring repairable items
  • Developing new capabilities to manufacture consumable and non-consumable repairable items
  • Developing and providing system level training
  • Executing multi-layer Quality Assurance (QA) processes:
    • QA integrated into ISO-9001:2015
    • Documenting root cause analyses of internal discrepancy notices (IDN) and quality deficiency reports (QDR)
    • Tracking QA issues through resolution
    • Continuous In-Shop In-Process Checks
    • Robust Solder Inspections
    • Product Quality Packing Inspections
    • New Hires – 100% Inspection for First 90 Days
  • Active “Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain” (5S) program
  • Active Configuration Management (CM) program
  • Active Risk Management (RM) program
  • Developing Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) program
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE) modernization and development activities

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