Our History

Under One Umbrella

In 2003, three independent companies sharing a common ownership – TECHPLAN Corporation, TDS Incorporated, and Klein and Stump Incorporated - came together under one umbrella to demonstrate a commitment to achieving the full potential to provide end-to-end service solutions for our primary customer – the Federal Government.

In October of 2004, we merged the three companies to form Centurum, Incorporated, an organization uniquely capable of providing the DoD and other Federal agencies with network centric IT and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) support to satisfy Government business needs and warfighter support requirements. As a result of that merger, TECHPLAN became Centurum Technical Services, Incorporated; TDS became Centurum Information Technology, Incorporated; and KSI became Centurum Information Operations, Incorporated.


TECHPLAN Corporation (TECHPLAN) was founded in 1969 to provide quality systems integration and management solutions to the Government and the private sector. TECHPLAN professionals had been developing and installing numerous systems and training their clients to use, maintain, and upgrade those systems. They had also been developing and implementing innovative business processes to improve the efficiencies of myriad systems.

TDS Incorporated (TDS)

TDS Incorporated (TDS) was founded in 1974 to provide engineering, information technology (IT), technical support, and telecommunications services to the US Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal Agencies. By focusing on their core competencies, dependable performance, and customer satisfaction, TDS had expanded their client base to include state and local governments and the commercial sector.

Klein and Stump Incorporated (KSI)

Klein and Stump Incorporated (KSI) was founded in 1988 by Jerry Stump and the late Bob Klein, both of whom were veteran US Navy Cryptologists. From their original emphasis upon providing DoD intelligence-related support, KSI gradually evolved into their current focus of providing Information Operations and Knowledge Management, based upon the conviction that the processes and technologies associated with these areas were the cornerstones of the information age.

Centurum, Incorporated

Since the 2004 merger, Centurum Technical Services has continued to focus upon their core capabilities of developing, installing, and training clients to use, maintain, and upgrade their systems.

Similarly, Centurum Information Operations has continued to focus on Information Operations and Knowledge Management.

And Centurum Information Technology has added to their original engineering, IT, technical support, and telecommunications service offerings by establishing two Centers of Excellence, the IT Support Group and the C4ISR Support Group.

In 2015, Centurum acquired Knight Networking, Incorporated, which became, in 2016, Centurum Enterprise Services, Incorporated, whose extensive computer- and information exchange-related engineering, operations, and field support capabilities expanded significantly our technical and business solutions offerings.

In summary, exceeding our customers’ expectations has been and will continue to be the hallmark of each of Centurum’s component companies. By leveraging the unique strengths and expanding the capabilities of each of our companies, we will continue to focus on service excellence by offering our customers a more complementary and diverse customer support experience than could be offered by any one of our component companies.

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